“Welcome to The Last Edition Magazine that aims to make the difference for the businesses and entrepreneurs in Portugal. How will we do that ? We believe that even by paying attention we can make the difference!

The Last Edition is an eco-friendly magazine created to give a new voice to Enterprises, Entrepreneurs and Professionals, inside and outside the Portugal. It is a bimensal publication, available in a digital and paper edition for free distribution with content about companies and businesses. Also online at www.thelastedition.eu.

Each publication is presented to entrepreneurs at a networking event with the presence of the cover figure at a lecture.

The Last Edition Magazine is produced according to independent journalistic criteria, under the commitment and respect for the deontological principles and professional ethics of journalists, as well as the good faith of readers.

The magazine addresses legal, tax, human resources, health, financial, training, investment and entrepreneurship issues from the perspective of SMEs themselves.

Therefore we promise to set agendas, create context, inform leaders, start debates, and advocate for the idea that paying attention can and will make a difference.” – Alma MUSHI – Publisher