Rising prices in supermarkets: which products are affected

Rising prices in supermarkets: which products are affected

Inflation affects supermarket prices. In one year, products there have become 2.19% more expensive on average. Some more than others…

In one year, our basket of products at the supermarket has become 2.19% more expensive, reveals a study by Test Achats.

Aldi, Albert Heijn, Carrefour, Colruyt, Cora, Delhaize, Lidl: all these supermarkets have been scanned by the consumer association.

Thus, the price of more than 3,000 products was studied. Most product categories saw their prices increase, particularly fresh, grocery and dairy products.

Fresh products: + 4,9%

Vegetables:+ 7,6%, and fruits: +3.6%

Dairy products: +2,5%

The price of semi-skimmed milk increased by 5.3% on average

Meat: +3,8%

The price increase particularly concerned lamb +10%, as well as poultry and beef +5%

Groceries: +3.5%

Peaks have been observed for frying oils, spagheti and capellini: from 18 to 20%. The price of coffee pods +7.9% and ground coffee +7.2% also increased significantly.

There are, however, a few exceptions: pet food and cleaning products saw their prices fall by 3.8% for the former, and by 1.1% for the latter.

Larger increases in 2022

Test Achats believes that this total price increase “has been limited so far”. Nonetheless, it “expects high energy prices and rising labor costs, among other things, to drive larger price increases sometime in 2022.” The association reports a price increase of 3 to 5% at the end of January.

Where to shop ?

Test Achats also specifies that private label products and white goods are respectively on average 45% and 66% less expensive than branded products.

In addition, Aldi and Lidl products are even 64% cheaper than these national brand products, estimates the association which specifies: “If you still prefer branded products, aim for promotions as much as possible.”

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