Colruyt and Nestlé in dispute over prices

Colruyt and Nestlé in dispute over prices

Food company Nestlé has resumed deliveries to store chain Colruyt after a hiatus due to a pricing dispute.

The De Tijd newspaper reported on Tuesday that Nestlé had stopped supplying dozens of products to Colruyt.

The supermarket chain and the Swiss food giant are currently negotiating new prices. These discussions are more difficult than usual because the prices of raw materials, energy and transport have risen sharply.

Now the negotiations have become “constructive” again and Nestlé has resumed deliveries.

A Colruyt spokeswoman says the empty shelves should not remain empty by the end of the week. Nestlé confirms this and claims that the discussions are “almost over”.

More generally, Colruyt, which has guaranteed the lowest prices for years, claims to have found, during the current round of negotiations with its suppliers, “significant and inexplicable differences” for similar products from different producers.

The retailer group also wants agreements on what will happen when the exceptional cost increases stop. “What will happen to prices when energy and raw material costs fall again? In the interest of the customer, we want to reach clear agreements on this point as well,” the document states.