Temperatures can hit 30 degrees this week

Temperatures can hit 30 degrees this week

Although the nut sellers are already in the streets calling out the cold, the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA) forecasts that temperatures will reach 30 degrees this week in some districts of the country.

For this Monday, showers are expected on the north coast, with thermometers hovering around 20 degrees high and 10 degrees low. As we start to descend, there is no forecast of rain and temperatures rise, with the maximum predicted for the country being registered for Faro, with 25 degrees.

On Tuesday, the thermometers should reach 27 degrees and on Wednesday, the 6th, at 31 in Setúbal and 30 in Lisbon, continuing this way until the end of the week.

For the weekend, the forecast is for descent, but nothing very significant, so if you have the opportunity to go for a swim, don’t forget to wear sunscreen.