The 3 cities where you eat the best in the world

The 3 cities where you eat the best in the world

According to this recent ranking carried out by Tripadvisor to turn the heads of foodies, here are the 3 cities where we eat the best in the world:

3 place: Paris

For once, Paris is on the 3rd step of the podium. Located one hour by flight (or 1h22 with Thalys) from Brussels, the French capital is nevertheless still in the spotlight. Michelin-starred restaurants rub shoulders with old-world bistros and fusion cuisine experiences with continuous effervescence. Your next culinary city trip may be there ?

2 place: London

Another competitor, another capital. The mythical London, which is less than an hour’s flight from Brussels, takes 2nd place in the ranking. Whether along the Thames, in the romantic district of Notting Hill or the more rock’n’roll of Camden, the palates will always be awake thanks to the variety of influences that color the local cuisine. A veritable world tour of taste, from Jamaica to Pakistan via India.

1 place: Rome

It could not be otherwise. It is in Rome, located 1h58 flight from Brussels, that we would eat the best in the world. From the lively Trastevere district to Villa Borghese, it is (almost) impossible to be disappointed in the Eternal City’s trattorias. If the city at the top of this Top 3 is the furthest from Belgium, there is good news: it is also the cheapest. Unmissable, you are told.

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