What is more important on Digital Marketing: the Website or Social Media ?

What is more important on Digital Marketing: the Website or Social Media ?

Starting by social media, one of the main advantages of social media is that it’s free. Free is always good when it comes to marketing your business. Other advantages of social media are:

  • Providing faster, more personal methods of communication
  • Boosting branding through customized content creation
  • Establishing a network that promotes partnerships and community growth
  • Offering a platform for use-generated content
  • Reaching more people and giving them concrete information about your business through reviews, shares, and comments
  • Enabling insightful competition monitoring. You can gauge your competition by their social engagement and feedback and gain better insight into what drives your target audience. You can also determine where competitors are missing the mark and move quickly to fill in the gaps.

But, once you’ve got your audience excited about your business, they still need a platform to view and purchase the goods. In fact, most people would be suspicious if you advertise a business or product without a website to instill trust and customer service.

Therefore, while a social media presence is essential in the information age, it’s still no substitute for a well-constructed, user-friendly website.

Social media may drive awareness, but you need something substantial to feed your visitors when your social media blurbs lead them to your website.

Consumers expect that even brick-and-mortar companies have a platform they can visit to get more information. In fact, more than 80% of potential customers check up on a business via their website before making their first contact.

If that isn’t enough to stress the importance of your website, 88% of respondents are unlikely to return to a website that has issues, regardless of how much they enjoy visiting your Facebook page or Instagram account.

Much like investing, marketing and outreach work best when you diversify. A strong social media presence will support awareness and engagement while furnishing social proof.

But, you need an optimized, user-friendly platform if you really want to serve your audience.

Your web presence and reach depend upon reliable performance and consistent, high-quality content. It takes just 0.05 seconds for a visitor to form an opinion about your company. What does your overall web presence tell them about yours? If you don’t know or want to improve your web presence, contact Target4Biz agency. Their team will help your digital presence, from the scratch !